The questions you must ask your customers before migrating their on-premise workload to AWS Cloud

Cloud Migration Questionnaire. Image by author


Many companies operating from their own data centers started migrating their applications to the cloud, and it has become an obvious choice for many startups to create cloud-native applications. …

Tools to use for Helm Chart Testing from Development to Release

Helm Chart Testing during Development to Release


Helm Chart is a package management software to write Kubernetes templates and package it as a chart with all its dependencies. A single chart can be used to deploy nginx, memcache or any full stack web application. …

It’s all about how you develop and deploy applications instead of where you are deploying the application to — be it public cloud or private data center. Application designed in this way can best make use of offers provided by the cloud. …

How Groupon deployed hundreds of services using Kubernetes, Helm Chart, and Krane


At Groupon, our Cloud Migration strategy required us to move our services to a Kubernetes-based cloud platform. …

Envelope Encryption


I have already posted article on Envelope Encryption and how it works. Please take a look at that article.

This article covers how can we encrypt/decrypt large amount of data by Envelope Encryption using AWS CLI.


This hands-on exercise requires AWS account and AWS CLI. You can get more information…

Background and Introduction

Traditionally applications used to store security keys used for data encryption/decryption in application config files. Drawback of storing it in config files is risk involved if not stored and managed properly.

AWS Key Management Service (KMS) is fully managed service offering which AWS itself is using to encrypt/decrypt data at…

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